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How do I save my documents?
How do I save my documents?

Saving your documents in Xara Cloud

Written by Kate Moir
Updated over a week ago

By default your documents are automatically saved to Xara Storage, offering a single dedicated space for all your Xara Cloud files.

Saving and managing your files in Xara Storage is quick and easy, you can find the full details in our Xara Storage article.

If instead you want to store your documents in your own external cloud storage, you can move documents there after they have been created and saved to Your Files in Xara Storage.

If you have not already connected your own external cloud storage to Xara Cloud, check out our How to Connect my Cloud Storage article.

Then, with the document open simply select Move to Folder in the File menu of the Xara Cloud editor and select your connected cloud drive. Note this is a move not a copy, files will be saved there in future.

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