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Repel & Wrap text around images. Floating images.

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You can place images or objects inline with your text or they can be floating - that is to say they ‘float’ on top of the text. Inline images will move with the text and you can control whether the text wraps to the left or right side of the image.

Inline images

To place an image inline with your text , position the text cursor where you want the image, and either... 

  • Paste it from the clipboard (Ctrl+V) 

  • Select an image from the + add menu option, or 

  • Drag and drop an image from your file system onto the text. 

To center text or wrap to the left or right side, click the image, and in the Properties panel select the Repel, Wrap option There are the three options - the example below demonstrates an image with text wrapped to the right.

Floating images

The alternative to an inline image is a floating one that can be placed anywhere on the page. If you do not have a text cursor placed, then inserting an image, or dragging one onto the page will add it on top of everything else - you can now resize it and move it around the page. 

You can easily convert an inline image to a floating one by selecting the Float option from the context menu that appears when you select an inline image.

With a floating image you can also repel text around the image. Again use the Repel, Wrap option as above and choose Repel text. Now you can drag the image anywhere on your page and the text will repel around it. Choose the Stop repelling option to return the image to a floating state again.

Note: images can only repel text if the image is on top of the text. If you put the image under text (e.g. after a ‘Put to back’) then the repel has no effect.

Tip: The easiest way to remove the text cursor from the text is to click on the background or press the Esc key.

Check out this tutorial for more info...

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