Text Selection

Selecting and moving text

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When you place your text cursor in a text item, the outer edge of the text item is shown with a dashed line and a soft blue outline. 

You can also perform operations on the whole text object, by tapping on the blue edge. In this case the outer edge becomes a larger blue highlight to indicate the whole thing is now  selected.

Once you have selected the whole text item, you can perform operations on the whole  thing, for example:

  • To position a text item: Drag on the blue edge of the text frame.

  • To change the text box size: Drag any of the blue handles at the sides

  • To Copy, Duplicate or Delete the whole text item: Click the edge of the text, it becomes a darker blue, and a context menu will appear with the Copy, Duplicate, Delete options.

  • To change the style of all the text: You can select all the text in the frame or column in  the usual way (Ctrl+A), or you can select the whole text object by clicking the edge. Now any Text Properties applied from the properties panel will be applied to the whole object.

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