Simple item selection

Grabbing items and moving them around the page with marquee select

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Just tap or click on an item to select it. Or for marquee selection click, hold, and drag over multiple items.
The mouse pointer will change to a + to indicate you have marquee selection enabled.  As you drag you will see a red dashed outline to indicate the selection bounds with the selected items momentarily outlined in blue. If you are using a touch device a long press will activate the selection drag.

Either opt to have the marquee select items within the selection rectangle (the default setting), or else items touched by the rectangle. Switch using the Settings > Advanced menu. You can also change the hold delay here as well, using the “Hold to select” delay slider.

Also you can drag an item up or down, left or right and the page will scroll to accommodate. Great for quick drag and drop placement over a multi-page document.

Nudging items using arrow keys

You can use the keyboard direction keys to nudge selected object(s) small distances. Great for pixel perfect item arrangement especially when used with the Alignment guides.


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