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The Stock photo picker allows you fully integrated access to a free library of nearly 1 million high quality royalty-free stock photos from Pixabay. The photos are available under a Creative Commons CC01 licence which means they can even be used for commercial purposes without payment. 

To find the photos click on the + (Add) button then Image > Stock Photo. You can then use the search box to quickly locate a photo of your choice. You can enter a simple search term e.g. ‘cat’, or qualify it with something more specific like a color e.g. ‘green eye cat’. Search results will appear in the panel - scroll down to see them all. Tap on your chosen photo to add it to your document. If you have an image already selected it will be replaced. 

Alternatively - tap on an existing image in your document and choose the Replace option to pull up the menu. 

The photos will appear with the usual adjustment handles allowing you to resize and crop the photo.
Have a look at this tutorial for more info

Useful to know…
When uploading an image from your local computer the image is resized before being uploaded, to be HD resolution (which is usually more than enough for any website). This speeds up the upload process. For example uploading a full res original 8 Mbyte photo file might take 4 minutes with a typical home ADSL internet connection, but only 30 seconds using this system.

If your photos are stored in Google or Dropbox it’s recommended to select the From cloud drive option - this will take a second or two only, even for full res images. (Because the image is transferred directly from Google or Dropbox servers to our servers, which is a very fast operation).

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