You can add and replace photos and images to your documents in a number of ways:

From your local computer

  • Drag and drop from your local windows explorer.

  • Click on the + Add button at the top right:

Then click on Images > From my Computer

This will open a dialog where you can select your image to upload.

From a stock image provider

You can also add an image through a free stock photo provider by clicking on the Add button > Images > Free Stock Photo the option, and typing in the search above what you are looking for:

Click on an image to then insert it.

From URL

Click the Add button at the top left > Images > From URL option and type in, or paste the URL of the image

Replacing an existing image
Tap an image and then tap Replace to open the Replace image menu, again this will allow you to choose a replacement image from the same list of options.

Have a look at this tutorial for more info...

Select an image and it will appear with a context menu allowing you to Copy, Duplicate, Delete and Replace.

The image will also appear with adjustment handles (the little blobs!)  which allow you to edit the image in a number of ways. If you mouse-over or tap the handles the status line at the top of the Xara Cloud window will give you a brief description of each handle’s function. 

You can…

  • Resize and crop the the frame.

  • Rotate the frame.

  • Push the photo around within the frame - use the little 'hand' icon.

  • Rotate, zoom and scale the photo within the frame.

  • Round the corners of the frame.

As you drag the handles to adjust an image, a faint copy of the full uncropped image is shown behind. This makes it easier to make adjustments because you can see parts of the image that fall outside the crop area as you drag the handles.

Check out this movie tutorial for more info...

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