You can select and move multiple items around as one, and also group them, so that they act as a single selectable item. Tap on the edge of a group to select it.

Extend / Reduce your selection by using Shift+click - the top status line tells you how many items are in your selection, and a pale blue dotted outline indicates the selection. Then choose Group

With multiple shapes selected you can resize them around the center when you hold down Shift.

By selecting a single object within a group, you can edit it. For example edit text inside a group, replace a photo or edit Shapes. 

Nevertheless, you cannot delete items inside a group, the Copy / Delete menu will delete the whole group. If you want to remove items from a group, first un-group it by clicking on the pale dotted outline (it will turn blue). Then you can use the un-group option in the context menu. 

The Delete and Duplicate operations will work over multiple selections. So if you’ve got three items selected and you hit Duplicate - you get a duplicate selection of your three items. Delete multiple items the same way.

Check out this tutorial for more info...

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