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Product update for April 4th 2018
Product update for April 4th 2018

A new name, a new look and some new features and content too...

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This is Xara Cloud

Xara Online Designer is now Xara Cloud. We have removed the Beta tag from the product. That doesn't mean we're done, we're still adding new features and fixes and will continue to do so. 

Help migration to Intercom

We have moved Xara Cloud help pages over to a new service - Intercom, to make it easier for us to talk to our users. We can suggest articles and even create new ones based on our users' feedback. 

UI fresh look 

We have refreshed our UI with a new look, the functionality is the same. We hope you like the new colorway. We also have new designs for popup errors, messages & alerts, and new sign-in screens.

Color Editor redesign

We have redesigned the Color Editor. So now the editor displays up to 5 Theme colors. Colors you create are displayed as Added colors and we have split out both the Text colors and the Page and Canvas colors. 

Looks like this...

No language option for spell checker

The language options in the Spell Checker have a new No language option. Apply if you don't want spelling checked - useful for example if you have some dummy 'Lorem ipsum' text in your document as a placeholder. That's ctrl+l to add lorem ipsum by the way.

Find the language options in the Document properties panel, click - Documents > Properties on the top toolbar.

New Content

Presentations - "Growing Company", "New Fashion"
Social Media Sets - "Growing Company"
New "Introduction" document

Other Improvements

Text in all Presentations, E-books, Booklets, Product Sheets and Catalogs is now in points.
Minor update on April 12 2018 to address reliability issues and bug fixes.

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