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Download as a PDF file

How do I download or export my docs as a PDF?

Written by Kate Moir
Updated over a week ago

If you need to produce a .pdf file for printing, email or web. It’s easy. Just go to File > Download and then select PDF.

You will see the following options...

  • For email or web download - Fine for distributing PDF documents through e-mail and the web. You can be sure your documents will be viewed exactly as you intended and all images are medium resolution suitable for inkjet printing and viewing on screen.

  • High quality - Provides full fidelity at high resolution. Suitable for printing on inkjet printers or viewing at high zoom.

  • Commercial printing - This includes the features required for generating PDF/X documents suitable for submitting to a print company. 

When you have chosen an option click Download and the file will download.

Download PDF on a tablet/ ipad

If you're on a tablet/ipad then after you select Download the document will open in a new browser tab. Tap the document in the new tab and you should see save options appropriate to your device.

There’s more…

Once you’ve saved your PDF file you can actually then open it in Xara Cloud and work on it again as a PDF. Make sure that you’ve saved the document to your cloud drive - so this would typically involve dragging and dropping the file from your computer’s Downloads folder into a folder on your cloud drive. Then just open in the usual way.

Spot the PDF by its icon...

Have a look at this article for info on exporting documents as JPEGs, PNGs and SVGs.

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