We have a whole bunch of different text items for you to use. Every time you see text in a document it comes packaged in a format which you can edit virtually any way you like. There are essentially two different types of text components, Text boxes and Text panels.

Text Boxes

Find them in the + Add menu under Text. 

 Just tap one to add it to your document...

Text boxes come in all shapes and sizes 

Text Panels

Find the text panels in the + Add menu under Text Panels. The panels also include items like speech bubbles, sticker and symbol panel shapes and various other useful designs. 

Again just tap to add to a document.

Each text panel comes with a set of control handles, here's a speech bubble for example...

You'll notice that as you hover over the handles (the blobs) you'll see a tip describing its function. The blue outline indicates that the whole panel is selected and available to be moved. 

Text editing - that is the editing of the text itself, which includes Text selection, Text styles, Font selection and the Spell checker, is covered in the Text section.

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