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Are my documents secure?
Are my documents secure?

Can other people see my files?

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How secure are my details?

All communication with your browser uses encrypted connection layers, using the equivalent of https (the same as secures your details when purchasing or entering credit card details).  The security of your documents in Dropbox or Google drive depends primarily on the strength of your password. You are strongly recommended to use two-stage authentication (Dropbox details) (Google details).  The security of files in Google or Dropbox (assuming you use sensible passwords) is as great, and probably greater than, files stored on your local hard disc (it’s likely easier to hack your computer than it is to hack Google).

Your shared documents

To share files just make sure they are saved to your Dropbox, Google or OneDrive folder on your computer. With both Google Drive and Dropbox you can share a folder with anyone else who is using those services. You can do this via their websites, or by right clicking on a folder on your hard drive (assuming you have installed Google or Dropbox file sync applications).

These cloud-drive services also provide a quick ‘share a link’ option for files. This is currently not suitable for sharing Xara files for editing online. You need to share a folder with the recipient who also needs to have a similar cloud-drive account. The person you are sharing the folder with needs to be able to see the folder and files in their Dropbox or Google Drive. They can then open the same file using the Xara Cloud file picker - and you can now edit this file together.  Once you have given access to someone else to access your files, you can just copy the page URL of the document in Xara Cloud, and send that to you collaborators.  Only those authorized to see the document (as determined by your share options in Dropbox and Google) will be able to open and edit it. Obviously, from a security point of view, you should only share the folder or files in Dropbox or Google with those you want to edit your Xara files

This system is called OAuth and is used by thousands of companies that provide services that want to read or write files to your cloud drive such as Dropbox, in a secure and safe way that does not send your passwords to the services accessing your cloud drive. No files are accessed until you pick them in Xara Cloud. You are in charge and you can withdraw access rights at any time using the corresponding cloud drive websites. You pick the files you want to edit, and when it comes to saving them, where in your Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive you want to save them.

At no time do we have access to any cloud drive data, just you the user can access your files and documents.

For more details please see our Privacy Statement.

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