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How do I change or update my password and email address?
How do I change or update my password and email address?

Changing and updating your account details.

Written by Kate Moir
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Changing your sign-in credentials

1) Sign in to your Xara Cloud account, click on your team name at the top left

2) Click 'Change sign-in details'

3) Enter your password and click Verify

4) Enter your new email address or password, and click 'Change Email' or 'Change Password'.

How do I change my details if I've signed in with a Cloud Storage Drive?

If you've signed in with Cloud Storage provider (Google, Dropbox or OneDrive) then you'll need to set a password in order to access the change sign in details screen (as we don't see the password from your storage provider). You'll see a screen like this:

Simply click 'Send Email' and it will send a password reset link to the email address that you use for your provider. Once set, you can then access this panel and change the email address associated with your Xara account.

Note: This won't change the email address that you've used with your cloud provider.

Changing your contact email address

If you also need to change your contact email address follow this additional step:

Click again on your team name, top left of the File Picker, and select Users & Permissions, which will take you to your account admin panel. Select Team Profile, enter your new contact email and click Save.

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