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Product update for May 8th 2018
Product update for May 8th 2018

New Document colors panel, free trials, subscriptions, a lot of bug fixes and other improvements

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Document colors property panel

Previously - if you wanted to edit the theme colors in a document, you had to first find your way to the color editor by selecting an object and then choosing to change its color. Not really helpful if you wanted to edit the colors of the whole document.

But now there's a new Document colors option on the Document Properties menu which opens a color panel showing all the current document's colors.

Trials and subscriptions

All non-subscription users are now entered into a free trial of all features on sign-in.  

27 days left!

Users can see how many trial days there are remaining, or subscription status in the case of a premium user paying a premium subscription. The subscription status is also displayed in the User panel of the Settings menu under Account type: 

Anchored and embedded objects in repeating text

We now support anchored and embedded objects inside repeating objects. This means for example that anchored comments can now be used with repeating objects and repeating headers can now contain embedded graphics. 

New Content

In brief...

Instagram Stories (new category)  - "Mexico", "Application", "Business"
Business cards (new category)
Instagram posts (27 new post templates)
Facebook posts (36 new post templates)

More detail here...

Don't forget you can dive straight into the templates here and start creating right away with a single tap.

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