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Is Xara Cloud part of the Xara Desktop Update Service?
Is Xara Cloud part of the Xara Desktop Update Service?

Xara Cloud is a SaaS product and is not included in the Desktop Update Service. All Xara products integrate to create a unique experience.

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Xara Cloud is a SaaS offering to help companies create stunning content to increase revenues and improve their brand. There are three core elements of Xara Cloud:


Highly sophisticated design tools packaged in a simplified way for any business professional to create stunning documents made to share.


Unique workspaces for colleagues and partners to work together on any document in real time from anywhere in the world.


Ensure that any content created by any employee will meet the quality standard and brand guidelines of the business.

Aimed at the business market, Xara Cloud is a perfect complementary solution to the Xara Desktop products. Vector designs created in Xara Designer Pro X can be used by the client in all documents via Xara Cloud. Build websites in Xara Web Designer and allow your clients to make simple text edits and republish with a single click in Xara Cloud.


Xara Cloud is a stand alone product and is not part of the Xara Desktop Product Update Service. For more information on the Update Service, please see:


Learn more about the Xara subscription options:

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