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Content Update - May 2018
Content Update - May 2018

The content update in May 2018 includes new categories and templates for Facebook and Instagram

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New Categories

We've released two brand new categories.

1. Instagram Story

Nowadays, using social media platforms is a crucial element of getting noticed. Instagram stories especially can push your business profiles to gain more and more followers.

"Mexico" Story

"Application" Story

"Business" Story

2. Business Cards

Do you need inspiration for creating your own business cards? New category "Business Cards" offers easily customizable templates to create professional looking business cards.

Social Media

We've added over 60 new social media posts, many of which can be built into an existing campaign and used across all your customer communication channels. 

Learn how to use the Xara Cloud auto-resizing feature to reversion content to almost any format.

Facebook Posts

Instagram Posts

Don't forget you can dive straight into the templates here and start creating right away with a single tap.

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