Adding an empty page

To add an empty page, simply click on an existing page within your document on the right hand side, and then click on "Add empty page". This will insert it directly underneath the page you have selected.

Duplicating an existing page

Same as above, click on the page you wish to duplicate on the right, and then select "Duplicate". This will create a copy and insert it underneath the original.

Adding a new page or layout

Click on Add page at the bottom of the right hand panel

This will bring up a side panel with various layouts of the same template:

Click on any page here to add it to your document. When you are finished, click on the X to close the panel.

Adding pages from another document

Easiest way is to open a separate tab in your browser, then open the document you wish to copy the pages from in Xara Cloud. In the right hand panel, select the page you wish to copy and press Ctrl + C

Now go back to the original tab and press Ctrl + V. This will copy the page over. 

Please note that the copied page will also take on the style, or theme, of the document

Delete a page in a document

Same as above, click on the page you wish to delete on the left, and then select "Delete". This will delete the page in the document.

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