Custom page resize

Quickly adjust your page size using the custom settings. Resize to US letter, A4, Facebook, Instagram, or any custom page size you need.

Written by Kate Moir
Updated over a week ago

Resizing documents is easy in Xara Cloud.

With your document open, click Resize on the top toolbar. You can then check up to 5 different page sizes from the various options (Print, Social Media etc) and Xara will create a copy of your document in those checked sizes.

However if you wish to create a custom size simply click the Custom Size option and enter your own page size. You can enter values in px, pts, or cms (though note it will be converted to the equivalent size in the unit used by the current document).

You can also lock the aspect ratio of your designs when entering a custom size by clicking on the little lock icon in the middle. Then click Resize to resize the open document to your custom size.

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