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Product update for June 7th 2018
Product update for June 7th 2018

Fit to width and bug fixes

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Fit to width

Now when you load a document that's wider than the work area width (or viewport) the document automatically fits to the available width. The document width automatically adjusts to accomodate any comments that have been added as well as properties and document panels that you have open. The status bar will briefly update to show the new zoom value.

Opening or closing the properties panel shows the document expanding and contracting to fit the new width.

When you load a document that is narrower or the same size as the work area then it opens at the standard 100% zoom. And you can cancel the view at any time by using the standard zoom slider control, selecting another view from the settings menu or using shift + mousewheel to zoom.

There's a new control on the zoom slider to switch Fit to width on or off... 

And there's a new keyboard shortcut too - Alt + F will jump you straight into the Fit to width view. 

Those bug fixes in more detail...

  • Symbol picker was stuck open after refreshing the page with a search in the picker - Fixed

  • Cutting an item embedded in repeating text didn't remove it from other repeating copies - Fixed

  • Items disappearing when using shift to resize multi-selection items - Fixed

  • Problems with Safari when using highlighting and zoom - Fixed

  • Naming conflicts with duplicate pages - Fixed

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