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Product update for June 20th 2018
Product update for June 20th 2018

Photo theme colors, Vertical text alignment, Easy item alignment, and Powerpoint export - its all here...

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Select a theme color from a photo 

Create seamless theme integration by using a color from a photo. Documents look great when you match themes with photos - and we now make this easy to do by allowing a document’s theme colors to be based on the predominant colors in an image or logo. 

Tap a photo to select it - then Colors from the properties panel then Get Theme Colors from current image from the Photo colors panel.

So here for example, we grab a template - change the photo, and then update the theme colors for a more pleasing result.

And don't forget you can dive straight into the templates here...

Vertical Text Alignment

You can now align text in Text areas to appear at the top, center or bottom of the panel. Position your cursor in a text area and the options appear in the Text properties panel.

Top, center and bottom alignment options

Notice how the Text panels are now also split out from the other text items to make them easier to find in the properties panel. 

Easy item Alignment & Distribution

Just marquee select (or shift + click) the objects you want to align or distribute, and then select from the Align options in the right side property panel. The Align options are within a new expanding Align & Distribute property panel section, and will only appear if you have more than one item selected. No selection - no section. 

Mouse-over each of the options to see a handy tool-tip...

There are currently 8 preset options, they are...

  •  Align left edges

  •  Center horizontally

  •  Align right edges

  •  Distribute centers horizontally

  •  Align top edges

  •  Center vertically

  •  Align bottom edges

  •  Distribute centers vertically

Just tap on your selection to apply the alignment.

Bottles are left, center and right aligned 

PowerPoint PPTx export 

Create a presentation in Xara cloud and export/download it as a PowerPoint (PPTx) presentation. See the new option on the Download menu. It's currently in Beta so give it a go and tell us what you think.

Bug fixes for this release include...

Entries on the Documents or Add menu not showing until mouseover in Firefox - Fixed

New Content

Check out fresh new content for June here...  Released June 25th - that's two content releases this month!

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