Documents look great when you match themes with logos or photos - and we make this easy to do by allowing a document’s theme colors to be based on the predominant colors in a photo or logo.

Lets say I'm a marketing manager and I have a logo which I want to use - but don't yet have theme colored business documents. A quick fix would be too drop the logo onto a template - and simply have the documents themes match the logo. 

So here's my logo...  

And here is the document template I want to use - it's a multi page e-book from one of our templates here  ...but as you can see it doesn't match my logo however I'm quite happy with the look and feel.

So add the logo using the + Add button from the File location...

And the logo is added to the currently selected document page. 

If you want your logo to replace the existing document's placeholder logo, then just tap the logo and choose Replace logo from the menu.

Now when you add your logo it replaces the placeholder.

Now to match the theme colors to the logo... Tap the logo to select it - then Colors from the properties panel then Get Theme Colors from current image from the Photo colors panel.

You can also change your theme colors from the Document colors panel which appears as part of Document properties.

Now the color scheme in the document matches the logo, like this...

What's going on?

When you apply a photo or logos colors as a theme this is what is happens...

  1. Our color library references the selected image and returns a maximum of 5 main colors with a minimum of 1 color from the image - with the new theme colors appearing in the color editor.

  2. We also create 4 named shades of the new main Theme Colors. 

  3. The named theme color Text becomes a darker shade of Theme color 1.

  4. With inverse color schemes ie those with light text on dark backgrounds, the text theme color becomes a lighter shade of Theme color 1.

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