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Color schemes from logos
Color schemes from logos

Create theme colors from a logo or image

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Documents look best when you match themes with logos or photos - we make this easy to do by allowing a document’s theme colors to be based on the predominant colors in a photo or logo.

Let's say I'm a marketing manager have a logo that I want to use - but don't have theme colors for business documents. A quick fix would be to drop the logo onto a template and have the document's themes match the logo. 

Here's my logo...  

... and here is the document I want to use: a sample from our templates listed here doesn't exactly match the logo, however, I'm happy with the look and feel.

Add the logo by clicking on Assets from the left hand menu. A second menu will expand from here. You can either click or drag the logo to the page with your cursor.

NOTE: If you don't see your logo appear in the expanded menu, you may want to open the logo menu by clicking 'All' with the arrow pointing right.

If there's a logo already in place where you want to add a different one, click on the logo in the document and then 'Replace' from the menu. For this example we're going to use the 'Team Assets' option in the dropdown, as this is where the logo we're using is currently (we'll go over these options more in detail in a different article).

The full logo menu will appear on the left hand menu. Click on the logo to replace the current one in the document.

Now comes the fun part... Click on the logo to highlight it, then 'Get colors from photo' in the right hand menu.

You can also change your theme colors from the Document properties menu which also appears on the right hand menu (when no element is clicked).

The color scheme in the document will match the logo...

Whoa, how did you do that?

Applying colors as a theme to your document is created to be simple for users. Here are the main steps as to what's going on behind-the-scenes:

  1. Our color library references the selected image and returns a maximum of 5 main colors with a minimum of 1 color from the image - with the new theme colors appearing in the color editor.

  2. We also create 4 named shades of the new main Theme Colors. 

  3. The named theme color Text becomes a darker shade of Theme olor 1.

  4. The inverse color schemes ie: those with light text on dark backgrounds (text, etc), becomes a lighter shade of Theme color 1.

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