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Product update for August 14th 2018
Product update for August 14th 2018

Offline presentations, collaboration improvements, onboarding changes and new content

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New onboarding walkthrough

New users now get a fully interactive walkthrough to introduce them to the most useful features of XC straight away. First timers get to navigate through a project workflow from start to finish in easy steps so they can start their own creative journeys with confidence.

Offline Presentations

Huge improvement - view your Presentations offline! Now you can download your slides to view locally as a single web (html) file. Take your presentations wherever you want, without worrying about a flakey (or non-existent) internet connection. 

Find the feature on the Download menu - then tap Download Presentation (HTML)

Collaboration improvements

Sharing gets a boost - so now a sharer can resend an invitation email even if the document has already been shared - it's simpler just to resend than wading through an inbox!
Also - shares can now always open documents from an Email collaborators... notification email even if they didn't accept the original Share editing... email. 

HSV colors

We have added HSV color fields to the color editor for control of the Hue, Saturation and Value color components - this works alongside the existing RGB color system One updates the other - enter a value or drag the targets.

Body text font additions

We've added a selection of useful Body text fonts in the font picker - popular styles to take some of the hassle out choosing. Find them in the Font section - More Fonts > Body Text.

Bug Fixes

  • Blue selection outlines rendering incorrectly around text within anchored or embedded groups - fixed.

  • Font replacement handling improved.

  • Multiple text selection message handling improved.

New Content

More new content for August including product sheets, social media graphics, LinkedIn and Twitter posts and a presentation - check them out here and here.

Update extra - August 29th

August saw a mini update which contained some additional fixes and improvements...

  • Errors caused by symbol replacement in Smartshapes - fixed.

  • Collaboration workflow improvements.

  • Percentage ring smartshape not showing decimal values - fixed.


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