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Product update for October 3rd 2018
Product update for October 3rd 2018

Item selection improvements, new text auto fit feature, share edit improvements and of course lots of bug fixes.

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Improved item selection over page boundaries

When selected items are larger than the page or are dragged partially off the page you now see the selection control handles - making it possible to adjust or resize the item. 

Previously the item would have been clipped to the page boundaries making these adjustments impossible. 

Auto-fitting Text 

There's a new Fit to container option for text.  Auto-fitted text changes its font size dynamically to always fit the text into the text area...

Change the dimensions of a text item and the font automatically resizes to fit the new size - or add more text to an item and the font resizes to fit the available space.

Find the option at the end of the alignment menu. Just place your cursor in the text and tap the Fit to container icon to toggle the option on or off.

Share edit workflow improvements

Users can get confused if they receive a Share edit notification email on one email address but their XC account uses a different one. So now we allow the first click on an edit share link to open the document for any XC account.

Other fixes

  • Document owners hitting document file size limits now receive a help link showing how to optimize file sizes in Xara Desktop. 

  • Snapping now shows all available guides rather than just the guide being snapped to. 

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