Xara Cloud has a file size and a memory limit that it can use in a session. If your file exceeds any of these limits, you will get the following warning:

Please see the following limitations below:

Starter Accounts:
100Mb Filesize
600Mb Memory
Premium Accounts:
100Mb Filesize
1Gb Memory

If you are receiving this warning and your file size is less than 100Mb then it will be hitting the memory limit.

The biggest consumer of both file size and memory is bitmaps within your document. When you import a bitmap, Xara keeps a copy of the full resolution within the bitmap gallery so if ever needed, you can re-import the original image back in. 

How can I optimise my file?

You can improve your files memory and file size's profile by optimising your images. To do this, open your file in your desktop version of Xara, and go to Utilities > Optimise All Images > Optimise. Then save your file and re-upload the saved file back into your chosen cloud storage provider. Please note this is a destructive operation! (i.e. this change is not reversible). See the article below for a detailed description of what optimising does:


If you are still seeing the warning above then it may be that your file is simply too big to currently open in Xara Cloud.

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