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Product update for November 21st 2018
Product update for November 21st 2018

New File picker layout, Find Text feature, and lots of bug fixes

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We have sharpened up our file picker with a new look - the navigation options for Open, New, and Save now appear on a new left side panel, with the document and folder thumbnails on the right.

New File picker layout in New and Open states

Initially offered in Beta, we'd love your feedback - so please let us know what you think. You can easily switch back to the default picker in the Settings menu if needed.

Find text in current document

We're starting with Find - Replace will be coming later.

Pull up the dialog using the shortcut Ctrl + F  - or if you have an object selected then you will need to use Ctrl + Alt + F (Ctrl + F in this case is the shortcut for 'bring to front' for an object's stacking order position). 

You can also find the feature in the Documents menu - tap Find.

Just enter a search term - word or text selection (50 characters max).

  • With the text cursor in position the search starts from that point.

  • The search field will always contain the previous search term (for the duration of the current session).

  • Typing a search string does a real-time find of the first result only - hit enter to find the next one.  

Other fixes and improvements

  • Template text no longer appears with spellchecker error markup.

  • Components are now no longer imported with guides.

  • Higher res image exports for PowerPoint (.pptx) documents. 

  • You can now change colors in groups and SmartShapes which contain photos.


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