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Find text

Finding text in a current document.

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The Find text option appears at the top of the Xara Cloud browser window beneath the Status bar. 

Pull up the dialog using the shortcut Ctrl + F  - or if you have an object selected then you will need to use Ctrl + Alt + F (Ctrl + F in this case is the shortcut for 'bring to front' for an object's stacking order position). 

You can also find the feature in the Documents menu - tap Find.

Just enter a search term - word or text selection (50 characters max).

  • With the text cursor in position the search starts from that point.

  • The search field will always contain the previous search term (for the duration of the current session).

  • Typing a search string does a real-time find of the first result only - hit enter to find the next one.  

We're starting with Find - Replace Text will follow at a later date.

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