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Product update for January 10th 2019
Product update for January 10th 2019

File picker updates, new Lock feature, new selection download options, plus other fixes and improvements.

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File picker improvements

The new File Picker now goes live for all - the beta tag is gone and we have also added a new Recent Folders section which will display your last 6 folder visits (a file location path appears if you hover over the folder title). 

Additionally, we've refreshed the template icons in the picker with a new look and improved the icon size control. The icons now inherit the size attributes of the parent folder - yet remain independently customizable.

 We also have a new 'picker' style for mobile devices.

New picker layout for mobiles - orientation switches at 480px wide or less

New 'Lock' feature

You can now lock objects on the page to prevent accidental dragging. Select the object and tap Lock on the properties menu. The object stays put. Tap Unlock on the object's context menu to unlock. 

A locked object is not available for selection, so this means that you can't copy, paste, duplicate, or perform any other action on it until it's been unlocked.

Locked Logo stays put after a marquee select and drag over the whole piece.

New selection download options

Download a selection as a PNG or JPEG - check the new Selection option on the Download menu. 

Other selection and usability improvements

  • You can now use the shortcut Ctl + A  to select all items on the current page.

  • Overflowing text in a text panel or box now appears as red for a stronger visual reminder.

  • Improvements to Find in text in current documents - hop through results using F3 for next and Shift F3 for previous.

  • Improved document load performance - new faster load times. 

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