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Product update for January 31st 2019
Product update for January 31st 2019

Our latest release includes new Fast Text select, Object Locking - Part 2, Text panel improvements, plus the usual fixes and improvements.

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Fast Text Select 

New text selection improvements mean a click-drag on text with the mouse will select the text not drag the view - as previously. 

To move the view - given that a click-drag on text will no longer move the view...

  • Shift + Mousewheel will scroll horizontally (mousewheel alone already scrolls vertically).

  • Holding down the space bar while dragging will move the doc from left to right and also up and down (whilst cursor is positioned in text).

  • Scroll bars will be visible whenever you move the mouse, instead of only when you move the mouse towards the view edges - previous behavior.

Object Locking 

For the second round of lock feature improvements we've introduced a new icon for the properties panel. Looks like this...

You can now lock repeating objects. And the locked item is outlined to better indicate its locked status.

Repeating object locked and indicated with dotted outline

New Text Panel behavior

Unlike the old Text panel, the new Text panel is compatible with the vertical alignment controls and autofit function (check the Text Properties Panel). 

Therefore the handle that previously controlled vertical alignment (in the bottom left corner) has been removed and vertical alignment is set using the text properties, as when using a text area.

Fixed Properties Panel 

We know some users did not like the constant showing and hiding of the properties panel when the selection was cleared. So now, for wide screens when there’s nothing selected we show the Document Properties panel instead. This means the properties panel always remains on screen, resulting in less ‘document zoom’ action happening. 

Users can still swipe to close the panel, or uncheck the Properties icon.

Other Improvements and fixes

  • Powerpoint export improvements include line spacing issue fixes and better support of dashed lines.

  • Fast and fluid text formatting improvements for Vertical alignment and Auto-fit.

  • Fix for incorrect export of groups with mouse over and click animations.

New! February 14 Update...


The + Add insert menu now has a new Logo category that allows you to insert a logo from a variety of sources. This replicates the options found on the Replace Logo or Replace Symbol context menu.

Tap the icon and choose your logo from the following...

  • Local file

  • Cloud drive

  • From URL

  • Symbol



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