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Product update for 28th February 2019
Product update for 28th February 2019

Line width and color controls, SVG selection export, new Logo insert options, new sign-in/sign-up screens plus improvements and fixes.

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Line width and color controls

Set a border width and color using the new feature on the properties panel. Select an item, enter a value for a width (the size defaults to points) and choose a color by tapping the patch or the arrow to display the color editor.

SVG selection export

Along with PNGs and JPEGs you can now download a selection as an SVG file. Select a single item or marquee drag around several items to create a selection, then export using the option in the Download > SVG menu.

Logo insert

The new Logo category in the + Add insert menu now allows you to insert a logo from a variety of sources. This replicates the options found on the Replace Logo or Replace Symbol context menu.

Tap the icon and choose your logo from the following...

  • Local file 

  • Cloud drive 

  • From URL 

  • Symbol 

Other fixes/improvements

  • New sign-up/sign-in screens for desktop and mobile with separate pages for signing up and signing in.

  • Smoother and faster list editing.

  • Many other 'under the hood' fixes and improvements.

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