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Content Update - 22nd March 2019
Content Update - 22nd March 2019

Our March 22nd update includes new Window Display and Social Media templates for your Real Estate campaign and Components!

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Window Display

We have created a new category for your next Real Estate listing: Window Display! These are simple one page templates where you can easily replace the images with your best selection and apply your brand settings: they can be ready and in your window display in minutes!

Social Media

And don't forget to keep your social media updated! Our post selection is growing: plan your social media campaign in advance and make your potential customers wow at their screens ;)


Just in case you are running out of time or you have a last minute call for creating a new document: no panic. Open a Blank document, click on + (upper right corner) and select your components, combine and arrange them as you wish, save and download. Quick and easy!

Click on images and start creating

click on New ;)

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