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Product update for 1st April 2019
Product update for 1st April 2019

Symbol selection improvements, Drag and Drop part 2 plus fixes and improvements

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Selection & rotation handles for symbols

Now you can spin your symbols - use the new rotation handles. They also come with 8 new selection resize handles.

This is part of a piece of work to standardize selection handles and transformations across all items - rotation for both Text and Grouped objects is coming soon.  

Drag and drop - phase 2

Photo grids, Photo frames and Images now get the full drag and drop treatment. Rather than a thumbnail during a drag operation you'll now see a full size placeholder as with the other + menu category items. 

Still outstanding are Photo panels, Buttons and Symbols which will be coming very soon.  

Other fixes and improvements

  • Logo replacement alignment fix in text panels.

  • Clearer path for first timers adding cloud storage.

  • Page Properties panel now shows the current page size by default

  • 25 improvements and fixes in total.


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