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Product update for 29th April 2019
Product update for 29th April 2019

Xara for Teams, Titles in browser tabs, Drag and drop photo panels, plus many fixes and improvements.

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Xara for Teams

Xara for Teams is our exciting new team subscription option for companies and businesses. 

For teams that make things happen. The Xara Team edition provides... 

  • Easy company document branding - convert and create. 

  • Team subscription and central user management.

  • Member & guest support.

  • Company file folders for quick document access.

  • Shared asset library for users. 

To start using Xara for Teams...

  • On the New tab click on Create a Brandspace.

  • Enter your company name and click Create.

  • Invite your team members.

  • Create your BrandSpace name and description -  BrandSpaces are where you automatically apply your brand across graphics and documents you and your team create.

  • Configure your brand using the Brandspace editor - a clean intuitive interface for you to control and apply brand components like logos, colors, fonts and text styles.  

  • Start creating your documents using the document editor.

New users get a free Team trial! 

Key concepts

The heart of Xara for Teams is the BrandSpace. It's a set of colors, fonts and logos to be applied to documents to impose a brand on them. Belongs to a single Company.

A Company allows a set of users to easily share documents, folders, templates, assets and BrandSpaces. Companies have Members who are permitted to use all of a company’s assets, and Guests who are only permitted to collaborate on existing company documents and have limited editing features. 

A Xara for Teams account has a Company Admin - this is a Member who can additionally change the company’s configuration using the Company Config App for managing company members, guests, BrandSpaces, and the subscription. 

Check out our BrandSpaces landing page here...
And for more info check out these useful help articles.

Titles in browser tabs

Now you can change the title of your document as it appears in the browser tab. Rather than that dull old filename that appears when you publish or share a doc change it to something more useful by adding your own title. 

Hit the Share button and add your title to the dialog field. 

Now when you publish or share the link - you'll see the title in the browser tab...

Don't forget you can Paste (Ctrl + V) the link into your browser for a preview.

Drag and drop for Photo Panels

There's now a full size preview for Photo Panels during the drag operation whereas previously you would have just seen the thumbnail. Next for the full preview treatment are Buttons and Symbols which are coming right up.

Other fixes and improvements  

  • List margin/indent adjusted when font sizes change

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