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Creating bullet and number lists
Creating bullet and number lists

Easily create and control bulleted and numbered lists.

Written by Kate Moir
Updated over a week ago

Create bullet and number lists by clicking the List icon on the text bar that pops up when you select text

or from the Lists & Indents section at the bottom of the right hand Text Properties panel.

Just drag select your points (one per line) and then tap either the Bullet or Number icon to create the list. Or hit return at the end of a list item to create a new item. Tap the indent or outdent icons to create different indented styles. 

Or you can also use one of the bullet or number text boxes from the selection in Text > Fancy Text in the left hand toolbar.

Hit the Backspace key at the start of a new bullet to delete the bullet and hit it again to leave the list and return to normal text.

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