Setting up your first BrandSpace

BrandSpaces are where you automatically apply your brand across graphics and documents you and your team create. You can create as many as you like, but only you as company admin can create and edit the BrandSpaces.

  • Next to your Team name click on the Settings icon > Manage Themes.
  • Create your BrandSpace name and description.
  • Configure your brand using the Brandspace editor - a clean intuitive interface for you to control and apply brand components like logos, colors, fonts and text styles.  
  • Start creating your documents using the document editor.

New users get a free Team trial! 

Editing and creating BrandSpaces

Add and edit your BrandSpaces from the Admin Panel. Tap Manage BrandSpaces on the New tab. 

Then from the Admin panel either create a new BrandSpace or tap the one you want to edit...

So I can change the title and description...

And then by tapping Edit brand style I can open the Brand Editor and change logos, colors and fonts...

Tap Save and Exit when you are done.

Now when you launch the Document editor and open a template or document you'll see that it appears with your branding. And the Document properties panel also gives you the option to switch and reapply branding as well returning to the BrandSpace manager. 

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