1. Automatic branding of any document that is created in Xara.

  2. The brand can be applied at any time during the creation or editing process.

  3. Multiple Themes can be setup for a Team.

  4. Changes to a Theme are automatically pushed to all users for one-click reapply the Theme on any document for brand management.

  5. Themes apply to all shapes, objects and components. They will be automatically branded too.

Setting up your first Brand

Brands are automatically applied across graphics and documents you and your team create. Your team can create as many as brands you need. Only you as a company admin can create and edit brands.

Select your Team name and click on the Manage Teams.

This will launch the Brand Wizard.

Fill out your brand logo, colors and fonts. Don't worry, all of this information can be edited later. Afterwards, you can set whether to apply automatically to all new documents.

And that's it! Your brand will be available in the dropdown list in any document you open. You can switch between brands at any time in the same dropdown.

Editing Brands

Click on the edit icon, or Manage Brands, then the edit icon there.

From here you can enter the brand wizard again and edit your brand. Click Save when you are finished.

Automatically applying Brands

You can automatically apply your brand to any new template you open by checking the little star icon in the Brand Manager

And likewise unchecking the option to stop it from being applied to new documents. You can only have one brand selected at a time to be applied to your templates.

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