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Product update for 29th May 2019
Product update for 29th May 2019

Tables, new selection handles on text items plus fixes and improvements.

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New tables components - find them in the + Insert menu under the new Tables icon... 

Choose from a range of different styles.

Table customized with fonts, symbols and a ready-made color scheme 

There's a practical set of useful features, including...

  • Text editing in cells - click in the cell and add your text.

  • Drag to reposition rows and columns.

  • Add and remove rows and columns.

  • Resize the whole table - and on mobile devices too.

  • Border widths adjustable using the Line/Border control.

  • Adjustable cell and table padding.

  • Ready-made color scheme compatible.

As usual hover over each of the handles to see a handy function description. 

New handles on Text items

We now show the 9 standard handles (4 edge, 4 corner, 1 rotate) on all text items so that's lines, columns, and text areas. 

Fixes and improvements

64 improvements and fixes in this release!

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