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Product update for 13th June 2019
Product update for 13th June 2019

New "Pro" subscription option and shrink text on overflow feature

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Pro subscription option

We have created a second company subscription option, “Pro”, which is the same as a Team subscription but is limited to a single member only.

Shrink text on overflow

There's a new 'Shrink text on overflow' option in the Text Alignment properties menu -
this controls what happens to the text when it overflows a text area. So with this option selected text will scale down so that it always fits the text area - useful for instances where you need to add more text yet are confined to a specific size.

If you subsequently drag the text area out to increase the area or if you delete some text then the text size will increase to fill the area but it won't get any larger than the original size.

Fixes and improvements

66 improvements and fixes in this release!

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