SmartFields are commonly used text phrases within your document, such as your company name, address, phone number and so on. These are all stored within your company's Admin Control Panel, and can be inserted into any document.

Setting up your Company SmartFields

To setup your company SmartFields, you must first be an Admin of your company. Then, click on the settings at the top right corner > Admin Access:

If you are within a document, click on the Add button at the top right > SmartFields > SmartField Settings. There you will find all your company details that you can fill out.

Inserting your Company SmartFields

To insert a Company SmartField, Click on the little plus at the top right, Then click on SmartFields. Click on a SmartField value to insert it. This panel will only show SmartFields that have a value assigned to it.

SmartFields do not contain any preset formatting, and will take on the formatting within the text area that you are inserting it into. If you are inserting it by itself, it will use the Normal Text style by default.

Updating SmartFields

If you have updated your Company SmartFields, simply click on the 'Reapply SmartFields' button under the SmartFields Panel. If you are working on a document and these values are updated, Xara should automatically detect this and prompt you to update.

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