Adding Custom Fonts

Custom fonts are available to those on the Pro and Team version of Xara. Fonts are uploaded via the company control panel, which you must first be an Admin of your company to do so. If you are an Admin, go to the Admin Control Panel by clicking on the little settings icon at the top right > Admin Access:

Then click on the 'Custom fonts' button on the left. Click 'Upload company font' and select the font from your computer you wish to upload. You can upload multiple fonts at a time by holding Shift or Ctrl and selecting. The fonts will upload and then will be ready to be used in your documents.

Note: Your documents must be set as a company document in order to use the company fonts. Under the document properties menu, select the company just under the brand:

You can also setup your brandspace to use your new fonts and apply that brandspace to your documents to automatically switch to them.

If you don't want to use a particular brand, you can select the font the from the Text Properties panel. This will appear under the section 'Company Fonts'.

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