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Content Update - 8th July 2019
Content Update - 8th July 2019

Our July 8th update includes new Window Displays, Business Cards, Social Media templates, Catalogs, Presentation, and e-Book #XC

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Window Displays

Is the property in your listing a luxurious villa or an eco-cottage, a country home or a family property? Check out our new Window Displays, they come in all flavors! Simply apply your brand style and enter your text, and you'll have a new display in your window in just a couple of minutes!

Business Cards

Our designers have some new ideas for your business card, we think you'll be inspired by their fresh and modern style. Pick the one which best represents you and your business, add a few tweaks and it will be ready to print!

Social Media

Your LinkedIn and Facebook covers can make all the difference! Try our new templates and give your page a new look!


Two new catalog templates are now available for your needs. Insert the details of your products, replace the images and adapt the style to your brand colors and font style. It could be your most persuasive catalog yet.


If you' ve left your presentation to the last minute, no worries! Pick your template: it will only take a few minutes to organize your ideas into professional looking slides.Replace the images or simply apply your company brand, add your company logo and your pitch will be a success.


And last but not least, we have a new e-book for your next project! Describe the details of your product, introducing your readers to the user journey, and guide them to the final journey map. Apply your brand and choose the best images to make your message stand out.

Click on images and start creating ;)


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