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Product update for 18th July 2019
Product update for 18th July 2019

Chart improvements, PDF import and bug fixes

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New Line Charts

We've added a new type of chart into Xara Cloud - Line charts! You can insert and use these charts immediately from the Insert > Charts menu.

Chart Improvements

We've made significant improvements to our charts by adding several more controls to change its appearance and movement. Here are some of the new handles will now show:

For bar charts we've also added the height control, so you no longer have to resize the whole chart if you wish to change the height only.

Direct PDF file open

After much development and testing, we've now enabled opening PDF files directly from the file picker.

You can now open, edit and export as PDF completely within Xara Cloud! This feature is still in beta so please feel free to give your feedback from the Intercom button at the bottom right corner.

Shortcuts for SmartFields and Company Fonts.

We've added buttons to the SmartFields and Fonts panel to easily jump into your Control Panel and add additional values or fonts:

Bug fixes and improvements

Fixed an issue where text was not being entered on the iPad.
Fixed an issue where auto-correcting text caused an internal error.
Fixed an issue where lines and arrows were not snapping to shapes.
Fixed an issue when rotating a photo within a layout that's grouped.
Fixed an issue when adding new rows to a table in Firefox.
Fixed selection issue when dragging on a backpanel of a text panel
Fixed an error when changing page selection.
Fixed a styling issue within comments.
Resetting UI settings will no longer remove recent documents.
Improved error message when attempting to access a document you don't have permission to access.
Improved error message when attempting to upload a non-supported font type.
Improved notifications when a setting is changed in the control panel.
Improved error message information when trying to access a document from a disconnected drive.
Improved access to company settings from the company fonts and smartfields panel.
Improved trial account "days left" tooltips.
Improved coffee machine by descaling it.
Various other small and server side fixes and improvements.

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