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Product update - 17th September 2019
Product update - 17th September 2019

First stage of a major user interface overhaul

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We're excited to release the first part of a major user interface overhaul, designed to improve your experience and success in Xara Cloud! This update is our biggest one yet, packed full of new and exciting changes so please let us know what you think!

File picker Improvements

New top bar, left panel and document area

We've simplified our look, and made it easier to navigate the various categories and folders, and to view all the designs.

New has been renamed to Templates, and Open has been renamed to Your Files. All template categories are accessible now from the left hand panel.

Improved sorting options

The sorting options under Your Files has been improved to include order by buttons

After clicking on either Size or Date, click on the arrow to organize ascending or descending. Click on the Grid icon to change the view from list to grid.

Improved account options from File Picker

You can now access your account settings from the File Picker by clicking on your Avatar at the top left, rather than having to go into a document to do so.

Default template view for different industries

Your default template view will change depending on your chosen industry, helping you to quickly get into a template that best suits your needs. Don't worry though, you'll still have access to all the other categories!

Team Selection

One major change in this release is all documents now belong under a team. This will help collate all your important documents under one roof, and it's easier than ever to quickly swap between teams, or create a new one.

Files folder structure improvements

We've improved the file structure under Your Files by including access to recent documents from team folders as well as all your other documents. Drive access should be a lot clearer, as well as the option to add new cloud drives from the left hand panel.

Cloud storage integration improvements

Cloud storage drives will now show which drive is connected, and the email address used against it to better clarification.

New sign in / up screen

New sign in and up forms
The sign in form has been given a fresh coat of paint, you can sign in with either a connected cloud drive or using the traditional email and password option.

Click on the Sign Up button at the top right corner to switch forms

Create your team
After signing up or in, if you don't have a team you'll be asked to create one. All your documents will be stored under this team name.

Choose your industry
Next, choose your industry. This will help us customize your experience by showing you suitable templates by default. Don't worry though, you will still have access to all templates no matter what industry

Document Editor Improvements

The document editor is getting its first set of improvements, although more are on the way! We've updated the top header and moved some options into a more logical location.

Top bar improvements
On top of giving the top bar a new fresh and clean look, please see below the list of changes we've made to the top bar:

  • Add button moved onto document area

  • Add comment button moved onto top bar

  • Share button moved to right hand side and options improved

  • Document renamed to File

  • New home button added

  • Settings moved within account button / avatar

  • Updated progress bar style

Add section Improvements

  • Renamed Text Panels to Fancy text

  • Renamed Photo Frames to Mask

  • Renamed Symbols to Icons

  • Improved team assets folder

Other Fixes and improvements

Fixed an issue where scrolling didn't work within the File Picker on Chrome and Mac
Fixed an issue where collaborators could lose their changes made on the same file
Fixed an issue where selecting an object causes the screen to scroll incorrectly
Fixed an issue where importing a photo grid would crash the document
Fixed an issue where snapping wouldn't work on smart objects
Fixed an issue where after rotation, the cursor resize handle points in the wrong direction
Various server side and performance improvements

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