The file picker is where you can open and edit any of our templates or your own files from connected cloud drives.

This is the what you'll see in the above image, and contains all of our templates crafted by our in house designers.

Your files
This is what you'll see in the image below, and where to go to access all of your saved files from your cloud storage drives.

Folder breadcrumb
You can navigate up your folders from here if you enter category or folder.

Invite a team member
You can invite a team member from this button, or through the Company Admin Panel to collaborate with you on document.

Account avatar
Click here to open the settings for your account and log out.

Template categories
Select any category here to show all the templates within. Some folders may have multiple levels, such as presentations which not only have different themes, but different slides within.

Team and team selector
This will show you your currently selected team and also the option to change team or create a new one.

Page zoom
You can increase the size of the template or file thumbnails with this control

This is the view you'll see when clicking on Your Files. The view is the same layout as that with templates, only instead showing files in your cloud drive.

Connected cloud drives
Here you can open and access your files within your connected cloud drives. Xara will filter to show only files it can open.

Recent files
This is all your recently accessed folders for easy access

Sort options
Use these controls to sort your files by date, name or size, ascending or descending and also the thumbnails by grid or list view.

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