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The File Picker

File Picker Overview: choose, open & manage templates and your files

Written by Kate Moir
Updated over a week ago

The File Picker is where you can open any of our templates, or your own files from connected cloud drives or your local machine.

Your teams and your files
If you are a Member or Guest of more than one team, you can see these teams down the left side of the File Picker. The first letter of each team name is shown. Click on any team to select it.

With the team selected you can then manage files in your private Your Files or shared Team files saved to Xara Storage. Click on the team name (MyCompany in this example) if you want to connect your own cloud drives. If you do so they will show here alongside Your Files and Team Files.

Create new document and import from local machine
The Create new button will open a shortlist of templates categories common to the industry you work in, making it quick and easy to choose a suitable design. You still have access to all the other template categories below. Click on the Import file button to upload a file from your local computer.

Folder breadcrumb
You can navigate up your folders from here if you enter category or folder from your cloud drive.

Invite a team member
Click on this button to go to the Company Admin Panel where you can invite Members or Guests to collaborate with you on your document.

Template categories
Select any category from the wide range shown here to display all the templates in that category in the preview window on the right. Note some folders may have multiple levels, such as presentations.

Other Team Info

Clicking on the team name shows other information relating to your profile and your team.

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