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Presenting your business presentation
Presenting your business presentation

How to present your documents or presentations

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Once you have finished creating your presentation, you'll probably want to then present it. You can do this either offline or online.

Offline Presentation

Simply go to File > Download > Presentation (offline use)

This will produce a single html file that contains everything from your document, including all the images so no external files are needed. Simply open this web page to start your presentation, no internet connection needed. 

Tip: Press F11 in your browser to enter full screen mode. Press it again to exit.

You can use the arrow keys to navigate back and forward between your pages.

Online Presentation

Go to Share at the top right > Share to Web

From there you can enter a custom title (the name which appears in the browser tab) and click Share when you are ready. After, you will get a link which will take you to your presentation. You can also send that link to anyone who can view a copy of your presentation.

Note: If you give another person the link to your presentation, this will be a separate instance of it - i.e. turning a page will not turn the page for them as well. You would need to screenshare to view the 

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