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Product update - 24th October 2019
Product update - 24th October 2019

New Add Page panel, selection improvements and bug fixes

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New Add Page side panel

We've made some improvements to the 'add page' button that was at the bottom left corner of the editor -

Previously, this button would take you out of the editor to go add a new page from the catalog, but not anymore! Now, this will open a side panel where you can add a page with a single click.ย 

You can still add pages from other documents from the add button at the top right > File, or open a new tab of Xara Cloud, open the document and copy / paste the pages from one file to the other.

Further Selection Improvements

There's been many improvements to the selection handling of objects, and we've got many more coming! Please see what's been improved in this release below:

Rotated Objects

Previously, only text objects and smartshapes would remember their rotation; selection bounds on all other object types were always upright. Now all object types will remember their rotation, and tooltips will show with the current angle of rotation.

We've also removed some edge handles on certain rotated objects to prevent them from being distorted, which is hard to undo. The corner resize handles will still remain, allowing you to scale the object larger or smaller.

Selection UI Improvements

We've made a number of changes to make it more obvious what is actually selected, regardless of the background color. We've also reduced the handle clutter when selecting inside a group. There is now slightly different UI shown when selecting a group vs selecting objects inside smartshapes. We will describe all the various changes and improvements in a separate article but please let us know what you think of the selection UI changes!

Fixes and Improvements

Fixed an issue where recent file button was not highlighted if there was no recent items
Improved error message following duplicate requests
Fixed a crash after resizing a repeating text object
Fixed an issue that caused custom fonts to not upload
Fixed an issue where tooltips failed to show over handles
Fixed an error when moving a comment with the arrow keys
Fixed an error that caused an image outline to not update when scaling a smart layout
Fixed an error when pressing Ctrl + A twice
Fixed an issue where group bounds were misplaced after editing a text panel
Fixed an issue with selection bounds when selecting a shape within a group
Fixed an issue with the cursor state on smartshape handles
Fixed an issue that didn't apply the current team to an external document file type
Fixed an issue where long team names would overflow the team name box
Fixed a crash when clicking on a page thumbnail
Fixed an issue where rotating a group of diamonds would skew the objects
Fixed an issue where cloning a document would lose access to company fonts
Fixed an issue where text panel edges would move after snapping
Fixed an issue where add panel would reload after resizing
Improved home button design
Fixed an issue where smart panels would not show handles when selecting inside
Fixed an issue where group outlines didn't show
Fixed a UI issue where left panel would show the thumbnails of the add panel
Fixed an issue where certain google fonts failed to load
Added file upload progress bar when opening from local
Fixed an issue where opening a template from the website failed to do so.
Fixed an issue where photo effect disappears after text frame transformation
Fixed an issue in edge which causes an invalid filter of file types
Fixed an issue where a popup appeared while saving a file and connecting to a cloud drive for the first time
Fixed an issue where an object's position would change after rotating
Fixed an issue where the file picker failed to appear after opening a corrupt document
Fixed an issue where text failed to show bounds if within a nested group
Fixed an issue where slide background disappears after duplicating a slide
Fixed an issue where text selection bounds disappeared after resizing
Fixed an offset issue when dragging from the insert panel
Fixed a crash when opening documents from My Computer
Fixed an issue where text would be incorrectly positioned after cloning a button
Fixed an issue where SmartFields failed to load
Fixed an issue where photos were not selected after insertion
Fixed an issue where rotated objects did not scale in direction of drag
Fixed an error when dragging an image within a group
Fixed an issue when undoing a masked image insert
Fixed an issue where font size changes causes menu items to truncate
Improved general reliability and stability
Various server and client side code improvements

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