First, click on the plus + icon at the top right

Then click on Tables

This will bring up some example tables you can insert into your document. Click on any to insert them.

You can hover over any of the nodes to bring up a tooltip on what they do.

  1. Hide / show table caption
  2. Increase / decrease outer padding
  3. Reposition column
  4. Increase / decrease column width
  5. Increase / decrease cell padding
  6. Increase / decrease cell margin
  7. Reposition row
  8. Drag to add rows
  9. Drag to add columns
  10. Increase / decrease table height
  11. Increase / decrease table width

Click inside any of the cells to enter text within.

You can also use all the standards resize handles at the sides and corners that you find on all objects, as well as the rotate handle.

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