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reCAPTCHA is not working when trying to sign in / sign up
reCAPTCHA is not working when trying to sign in / sign up

What to do if you get an error or warning from reCAPTCHA when trying to log into Cloud

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What is reCAPTCHA and why do we have it?

reCAPTCHA is a security measure to help prevent spam and abuse to our service. If this measure thinks you are a bot, it might prompt you to solve a basic puzzle such as identifying certain objects in a collection of picture. Afterwards, it will redirect you onto our service. You can find out more information from reCAPTCHA's website.

reCAPTCHA isn't working for me or I'm seeing an error message.

First, please make sure you have JavaScript enabled within your browser (you may need to refer to your browser's help guide).

Try disabling any browser extensions you may have enabled. reCAPTCHA needs access to Google services and if this is blocked (for example by the plugin Ghostery) then you may see this error message. After disabling, please refresh and try again.

If it is still showing, try another browser and see if it works there. You can also refer to reCAPTCHA's help guide which can be found here:

You can also contact our support using the intercom button at the bottom right or through our contact form here and we can help you log into our service.

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