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Product Update - 10th December 2019
Product Update - 10th December 2019

Add panel overhaul, new replace menus, more improvements and bug fixes!

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We're excited to bring you another major update to Xara Cloud, with a brand new add panel within the document editor, new replace context menus, further improvements to selection and transforms and more bug fixes! Here's a quick overview of this update:

New Add Panel

We want to make it easier and faster for you to produce good looking content, so we've improved the Add Panel and moved it permanently onto the left side of the screen. This will allow you to quickly insert any of our content or your team's assets into your document.

To add something from this new panel, simply click on any of the main categories to show the sub categories within. Here, you'll see a brief collection of the more popular designs that you can quickly insert, either by dragging and dropping or clicking on them directly. To see all designs within a sub-category, click on "All".

You'll also notice the two buttons at the bottom as well - Assets and Upload. These options will let you insert your team's assets and content from your local computer with ease

Right hand properties panel

The properties panel on the right has also been updated with a new style. We've updated the options, font, spacing, icons and much more to make it easier to read and clearer to understand what each option does what.

Replace context menu

Replacing the content within a template with your own just got easier! We've introduced the replace context menu when clicking on an image or icon, making it faster than ever to customize your documents.

Fixes and Improvements

File Picker

  • Fixed an issue where the location column was shown when browsing through a cloud drive

  • Fixed an issue where templates would occasionally not load within Safari

  • Fixed an error where a blank screen would show when attempting to open a file that is not found

Teams and Themes

  • Fixed an issue where pressing enter wouldn't progress the team creation form

  • Fixed an issue which allowed a theme name to be blank 

  • Fixed an issue which caused document GIFS to be served insecurely

  • Fixed an error when uploading Futura Thin Italic font to your team

  • Improved error handling of corrupted or malformed fonts

  • Improved error handling when a browser plugin blocks Google reCAPTCHA from working

  • Fixed an crash when progressing forward through the theme editor

  • Fixed an error when clicking on 'Notify Administrator' when attempting to execute an unauthorized action


  • Fixed a crash when entering the caret into a table cell after adding new rows or columns

Document Editor

  • Fixed a selection behavior issue when attempting to move a text frame within a group

  • Improved selection bounds and snapping behavior for SmartShapes

  • Fixed an issue which caused text to be un-selectable after zooming in

  • Fixed an alignment issue with avatar icon

  • Fixed an issue where page layouts wouldn't show after cancelling a save dialog

  • Fixed a crash when interacting with the page properties whilst loading a PDF document

  • Fixed an issue which caused folder location to be reset after inserting an image from a cloud drive

  • Fixed a crash when clicking on home whilst a file is opening

  • Updated name of text panels when selected in document editor

  • Fixed an issue which caused the tooltip to stay visible on status bar

  • Fixed an issue which caused selection bounds to appear off the page when searching text

  • Improved error message when entering too many characters in a stock image search

  • Fixed an issue which caused the windows explorer to open twice when performing a local file upload

  • Fixed an issue which caused the sidebar handle to disappear

  • Fixed an issue which caused previously loaded templates to show in add page panel

  • Fixed an issue which caused text panels to shrink in size when text is added

  • Fixed an error when editing text within a text panel

  • Fixed an error when editing a bullet list in a presentation document

  • Fixed an issue which caused the Paste context menu to appear on text panel move or resize

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