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Product Update - 30th January 2020
Product Update - 30th January 2020

Major server side improvements, client and server handling, error handling and collaboration improvements

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This update is focused heavily on improving our service, the collaboration experience, handling of errors and vastly improving the server side code.

Major server code improvements

We've made a large number of changes and improvements to the server side code, and some area's have been completely re-written. This will help us greatly with document reliability and pave the way for a better service in the future!

As part of these changes we've also improved the handling and logging of error codes that may appear, so we can track down the cause and fix them even faster!

General Service

  • Fixed an issue which caused the server and client to go out of sync when performing many actions at once

Document Handling

  • Fixed an error that caused "Document updated on Cloud" to wrongly show on revert


  • Fixed an error that appeared after attempting to copy and paste a SmartField

  •  Fixed an issue with text rendering during drag when text has tracking adjustments

  • Fixed an issue where formatting was disrupted by the spell checker when typing

Import and Export

  • Fixed an issue when importing a pptx file that causes it to only import the first page

  • Fixed an issue which caused crop marks to not be shown on PDF download

  • Fixed an issue where importing a XAR project file caused the first page of the original document to be resized

  • Fixed an error when trying to download a document as pptx after creating a team


  • Fixed an internal error when applying a line width to a column chart

Document Editor

  • Improved top bar UI behavior on smaller screens

  • Improved selection and navigation on touch devices

  • Fixed an error that appeared when opening the find and replace panel, then closing the document

  • Fixed an 'undefined' error when opening the page size panel

  • Fixed an error when replacing images after creating a new account and replacing images

  • Fixed an error when clicking on "comment" whilst a document is still loading.

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