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Product Update - 21st May 2020
Product Update - 21st May 2020

New color UI and photo optimizations

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Improved Color UI

In this update we've improved our color UI, making it easier to control and apply your theme to the objects on the page. There is also a new pop out dialog to make quick adjustments to your colors without leaving the menu.

Shades of your theme colors are now also easier to see and select, as well as your text, page and any custom colors you have

You can find out more information on colors and theme colors here.

Photo Optimization

A lot of photo or image heavy documents may be too large to open within Xara Cloud, mostly due to their high memory impact. Previously it was only possible to open these files in Cloud after they had been optimised in our desktop products, which is unsuitable for many users.

We've now greatly improved this process, so you no longer need to open your documents within our desktop products prior to opening them in Cloud. Rather, you will see a prompt when opening your file if it can be optimized.

In the above example, this image's original size is 5937 x 3958px, which often is resized smaller or cropped, say to fit within the text of a brochure or remove parts of the image you don't want. When this happens, Xara still keeps the large original image despite, being a lot smaller or parts that are cropped and not even visible.

Optimizing the image effectively the reduces the DPI of the image to 300 if it is above that, and removes parts of the images that are cropped. This drastically reduces the impact on the server and improves the performance without affecting the quality of your images.

Please see here for more information on what happens when optimizing your images.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an error when cutting a bullet from overflowing text

  • Fixed an error when calculating a document's memory usage

  • Fixed an issue which caused the marquee 'select objects that touch' to not work

  • Fixed an error when attempting to save to a newly added Dropbox drive

  • Fixed an error when attempting to upload more than 8 images into a document

  • Fixed a zoom / viewport error when pressing tab

  • Fixed an issue with text when resizing charts

  • Improved error handling when cloud storage provider returns a request timeout

  • Fixed an issue which caused page background to be white (even if changed) when downloading as PNG

  • Improved reliability when importing stock and local images

  • Fixed an error when applying rounding to a text panel after entering text

  • Fixed an error which caused shortcuts not to be mapped

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