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Product Update - 4th June 2020
Product Update - 4th June 2020

Improvements to embedded graphics and stability / reliability fixes

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Embedded Graphics Improvements

Embedded graphics have been improved to be more reliable and transform better within your text areas. This means when you resize, rotate, scale, move etc, any images or graphics embedded within your text area will behave much better and in a more predictable manner.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue which caused the edit icon not to appear on sepia photo effect

  • Fixed an issue which changed the copy behaviour on a photo filled smartshape

  • Fixed an issue when changing or generating brand colors within IE 11

  • Fixed an error when transforming a photo filled smartshape

  • Fixed color editor position within IE 11

  • Fixed a notification message when adding or deleting team templates

  • Fixed an issue which caused team templates to not work if no addition cloud storage had been set up

  • Fixed an issue which attempting to change a non-HSV color

  • Fixed an issue which caused the current color to not show in the color properties panel

  • Fixed an issue when saving a document that is being collaborated on

  • Fixed an error when attempting to replace an image within a SmartShape

  • Fixed an error when marquee selecting an object and adding a custom color

  • Fixed an error when rotating and stretching a column chart

  • Fixed an issue which caused a SmartLayout to not be top aligned when text height grows

  • Fixed an error when opening Able desktop theme in Cloud

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